Mayor Rob Ford Controversy Escalates

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The Toronto Mayor Rob Ford story is getting press all over the world.


Although most people in Ford’s position would consider it a news media crisis and public relations nightmare, the mayor is promoting his drunkenness, crack smoking, and rants about killing someone as a way to inject his name into news media.

Everyone is interested in Ford’s exploits, from Jimmy Kimmel who does a semi regular Ford report on late night American TV, to reporters in northern Ontario, the mayor’s home province.

I was in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario recently doing a presentation at Sault College for students enrolled in the public relations program. The students were well informed about local and international issues and a great group to talk to, and not surprisingly, also very interested in what Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was doing.

While in Sault Ste. Marie I also did an interview with Jasmyn Pozzo of Local 2 news, and we spoke at length about Canada’s highly controversial politician. Jasmyn asked me great questions about being a media trainer and wanted to know how I help my clients. She also wanted to know what kind of advice I have for Rob Ford.

You can watch the Sault Ste. Marie Local 2 interview here

Watch Kimmel, Leno, & O’Brien mock Ford here on Global TV