Media Crisis Training

Media/Crisis Communications Training Program


As a renowned media/crisis communications trainer and former investigative journalist, Jeff Ansell knows what reporters want and expect from the people they interview. Participants in Jeff’s customized MediaStrategies training program learn and practice techniques to improve their media skills, raise their level of comfort, minimize damage from poor media relations and continue to enhance their reputation in media and among the general public.

Jeff has created MediaStrategies, a unique process for creating confident, credible media communicators. MediaStrategies incorporates a number of practical tools to help executives and spokespeople better manage opportunities with the media and more meaningfully connect with their stakeholders, including the Value Compass™ and the Media Messaging Toolkit™. To help attendees master techniques and strategies, the program features games and exercises with stop/start coaching.

Learning and practice elements include:

•     Benchmark news interview(s) to assess strengths and shortcomings

•     Strategies for identifying and avoiding interview pitfalls

•     Specific formulae for producing quotable messages and delivering bad news

•     Techniques for thinking on your feet during surprise interview encounters

•     Media strategies for moral, ethical, and values-based issues

•     Exercises for developing message delivery skills and body language that project knowledge and confidence

The MediaStrategies training program provides all the tips, tools, and strategies necessary to optimize every media encounter.

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