When the Headline Is YOU

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Proven strategies for managing all types of media encounters.
Award winning journalist and communications consultant Jeff Ansell teaches you how to:

Avoid common interview traps and manage problematic questions.

Craft compelling messages that build trust.

Present your organization in a positive, proactive manner.


Jeff’s advice is extremely relevant in today’s climate where a well-managed crisis can make the difference between survival and ruin.” Nicolle Wallace, former White House Communications Director


Answering questions from reporters is risky business.

Though a media interview may feel like a straightforward conversation, it actually represents a contrived and manipulative dynamic.

In When the Headline Is You, award-winning journalist and crisis communications expert Jeff Ansell provides a complete, values-based framework for successfully navigating all types of media encounters.

This framework offers you the practical tools and step-by-step messaging formulae needed to address problematic issues while limiting your exposure to the sensationalism of today’s media environment.

Drawing on nearly 40 years of experience, Ansell reveals the inside secrets to understanding the media, building credibility, and developing persuasive communication skills.

. . . When the Headline Is YOU includes:

• A complete Media Messaging Toolkit with reproducible templates and worksheets.

• Actual news stories and interview transcripts that bring concepts to life and illustrate essential media communication lessons.

• Specific techniques for crafting bad news messages and effectively managing difficult media encounters.

• Proven public speaking tips and a six-step message delivery exercise guaranteed to improve your presentation skills and prepare you for even the most challenging media event.

• A recurring, illustrative example that depicts the entire media messaging process and clearly demonstrates implementation techniques.

• Chapter-ending “Talking Points” to help you review critical concepts.

Designed as a practical resource for executives, leaders, spokespeople, PR representatives, and corporate communications professionals, this book will be equally helpful to academics and students interested in developing a deeper understanding of how the media operates.

People who talk to the media are only as good as their worst quote. Whether delivering good news, not so good news, or dealing with a full-blown media crisis, When the Headline Is You provides all the insights and strategies necessary to manage image and enhance reputation.

ClickToBuyBuy from AmazonBarnesNobleIndigoJosseyBoss

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