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Historically, PR professionals and media trainers have told clients to ignore problematic questions and instead “stay on message.”

Yet, each time a non-responsive message is repeated, a layer of credibility is stripped away from the speaker.

Award-winning investigative journalist and media/crisis communications expert Jeff Ansell provides executives, spokespeople, PR representatives, and corporate communications professionals with an effective alternative to the broken media training model by offering a comprehensive framework to manage all types of media encounters in a forthright manner that encourages trust and credibility.

In this interactive presentation, audiences learn:

•     The pitfalls of following the message as mantra approach from the perspective of a veteran journalist

•     Proven strategies to enhance credibility with reporters and stakeholders

•     A simple yet powerful formula for crafting bad news messages that emphasize practical action

The results of Jeff’s work as a media trainer are featured daily on front pages everywhere.

In Getting the Message Right When the Headline Is You Jeff reveals strategies and techniques to successfully manage your message to media.

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