Keynote Presentations by Jeff Ansell

Keynote presentations for all types and styles of
companies, organizations, and associations.

Whether your group is 100 or 10,000+, Jeff’s inspiring and hard-hitting Keynote Speeches will keep people talking about your event for a very long time.

Kristin Laconi of Atlanta Business Builders wrote: “Jeff,
everyone at our seminar had very positive remarks – including, “this was the
best one yet.” It was nice to see the “light bulbs” actually turn on with people
leaving energized and armed with a whole new thought process on communicating.
You did a fantastic job of breaking down the 5 keys to good communication and
relating it in a way that is meaningful to every person who sat in our audience

Gene Rose of National Conference of State Legislatures, Public Affairs
Director, Denver, CO wrote: “Your session was the highest rated session
of our conference. Our delegates really appreciated the highly interactive style
of your presentation and your ability to explain communications concepts in an
informative and easy to understand way.”

TOPICS for Jeff’s Keynotes include:
Building Trust, Getting the Message Right, and Media Manipulation.

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